Warranty Policy

For distributed products, manufacturer’s warranty applies.  Within the warranty period return any defective product to Vprime for disposition to the manufacturer.  Note – warranty period may vary from one manufacturer to another.  Contact Vprime Support to determine if your product is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and/or to obtain an RMA number.

Vprime warrants our manufactured products to be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment. Contact Vprime Support to verify that your product’s warranty is still in and/or to obtain an RMA number.

Note:  An RMA number must be issued by our Customer Service department for any product being returned.  Contact Vprime Support for questions about, or to request, an RMA.

Exclusions:  Warranty does not apply to:

- Failure or damage stemming from not following the “User Guide” or “User Manual” if one is provided;

- Failure or damage caused by misuse or abuse;

- Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, operation or maintenance;

- Failure or damage caused by incorrect connection to peripheral equipment;

- Failure or damage due to the use of accessories or parts not approved by Vprime, including repair work
  conducted by persons not authorized by Vprime;

- Accidental or deliberate damage or damage caused by natural disaster;

- Damage caused by continuous, unstable, or incorrect voltages;

- Damage caused by any liquid;

- Any failure or damage that is not due to defective product material or workmanship;

- Products without a valid product serial number (on products to which this applies; some products are shipped
  without a serial number);

- Any operational problems, failure or damage caused by the use of non-approved software (example drivers,

- Second hand goods - There is no transfer of ownership regarding the warranty; this warranty only applies to
  the original purchaser;

- Products that are sold ‘as is.’ Products that are sold as demos or close out will be covered by the same
  guarantees as new products unless otherwise indicated at the time of sale.

Please note that systems and implementations offered by Vprime Affiliates, including those that incorporate Vprime products, are not eligible for a money-back guarantee or warranty repair. Vprime only services the products that are sold to its direct customers.