Vprime Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vprime?

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, Vprime is a market leading provider of  video testing and video capture equipment for avionics, broadcasting, manufacturing, medical imaging and military defense applications. Vprime’s product offerings include specialized frame grabbers, pattern generators, test fixtures and test tools that support various industry standards such as DisplayPort*, HDMI, LVDS and legacy VGA. Vprime’s testing solutions are used in R&D, field installations, and production testing by device and component manufacturers, system integrators and test labs. Vprime also offers services in integration support, expert technical support, and custom product development.


Does Vprime have a Return Policy?

Vprime offers a 15-day money back return policy for hardware and software.  For more details regarding Vprime's Return Policy, please visit the Warranties and Guarantees page.


Does Vprime charge for technical support?

Technical support (by phone or email) regarding product usage is almost always provided free of charge for products purchased from Vprime.  Repairs covered by warranty are also free of charge and Vprime will assist in getting repair work done expediently for products we distribute but do not manufacture ourselves.  For all other repairs (damage not covered by the warranty, products not purchased from Vprime, etc.), please request a quote for repairs by contacting


What operating systems are Vprime products compatible with?

Generally, all Vprime products work under the various versions of the Windows Operating System.  If you require support for Linux, Unix, MacOS, or other open-source OSes, please contact the Vprime Sales Department for assistance.


My company wants to make a purchase, but the purchase price exceeds the credit allowance on my card.  Does Vprime accept Purchase Orders?

Yes we do!  Vprime accepts Purchase Orders from companies in good credit standing and for total product sums greater than $1,000 USD. Purchase Orders may be paid by company check drawn on a US bank, or by electronic funds transfer. For sums less than $1,000 USD, or if products are to be paid by credit card, purchases can be made directly from the Vprime Website.  Our sales terms and conditions include NET 30 payment terms.  Please contact the Vprime Sales Department for a quote.


How does Vprime handle customs fees and duties when shipping outside the United States?

Vprime ships all products FOB Beaverton, Oregon and INCOTERM DDU (Deliver Duties Unpaid).  For all orders, pre-paid or by Purchase Order, customs fees and duties are the responsibility of the recipient.


Does Vprime offer volume discounts?

Yes, higher volumes are eligible for deeper discounts.  Please contact the Vprime Sales Department for inquiries regarding volume discounts.


Does Vprime keep all these products in stock?

Vprime does maintain stock levels for some popular and long-lead items.  When requesting a quote, please ask for lead time of each item.  You can contact the Vprime Sales Department for up-to-date availability information.


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