VTG-5225 Pattern Generator with Quad LVDS Output


The VTG-5225 QLT video pattern generator is ideal for testing the high definition and high color depth resolution of LCD and PDP panels. It supports single, dual and quad pixel LVDS modes (3x10 bits) with a 400 Mpix/s rate and full 10-bits per color depth designed for 100Hz and 120Hz panel applications.


The VTG-5225 QLT uses a 64-Mpixel image buffer for superior switching speed. Stored timing files, predefined test patterns and custom made bitmaps provide additional flexibility. The high-speed LVDS interface guarantees the integrity of the 10-bit output signals and can be programmed via FPGA control to change bit locations. 

·         WinVTG5 User Interface

·         USB and RS-232 connection

·         Powerful pattern drawing

·         True Color bitmaps up to 10 bits

·         Unlimited number of patterns and timings

·         Ultra high speed pattern and bitmap switching timings

·         Precise high speed  frame to frame control and bitmap scrolling

·         CEA and VESA timings included

·         Library of 8, 10 and 12 bit patterns and bitmaps included

·         Pattern and bitmap scrolling

·         MDR-26 connector output