VTG-5225 DVI Pattern Generator


The VTG-5225 is a pattern generator that supports single and dual link DVI to 330 MHz output, analog RGB to 300 MHz, along with HDTV/YPbPr (filtered) output connectors. In addition to the outstanding output signal performance, the VTG-5225 provides superior flexibility by internally storing industry standard timing files, predefined test patterns and custom made bitmaps. It also incorporates the superior speed of switching video images in the 64-Mpixel image buffer. 

DVI Features:

·         Dual-Link DVI

·         165 Mpix/s single link maximum 330 Mpix/s dual link maximum

·         8 bits per component (24 bits RGB)

·         Connector DVI-I with TMDS and RGB / YPbPr


Analog Video Features:

·         VGA RGB / YPbPr

·         300 Mpix/s maximum

·         Sync HS (±), VS (±), C-Sync, SOG

·         10 bits per component (30 bits RGB)

·         HDTV RGB / YPbPr (filtered) 300 Mpix/s maximum

·         Tri-level sync on Green, Separate HSync (±) and VSync (±)