UFG-04 Quad LVDS Frame Grabber 512


The UFG-04 LVDS is an optimal tool for testing the functionality of TV and monitor electronics. The capture card replaces the flat panel module for testing and the board is compatible with all LVDS data configurations, resolutions, screen sizes and timings. This flexible design of the internal data handling supports custom data-input configurations and advanced on-board image functions.

Two synchronized UFG-04 LVDS frame grabber boards facilitate the capture of four-channel LVDS (Quad LVDS) sources. This synchronization ensures that the boards are capturing portions of the same input frame. The software provided combines the portions together to create a full quad frame for viewing and storage. The maximum capturing speed in the four-channel LVDS mode is 540 Mpix/s, which enables the capture of 1080p@120 Hz input. A special four card combination can capture 1080p@240 Hz using eight (8) LVDS channels.


The UFG-04 LVDS frame grabber also enables the capture of high resolution LVDS video with the full 10-bits per color depth. The on-board frame buffer aids the capture of up to 1000 drop-less video clips regardless of the PC bus bottlenecks.

·         Captures images from High Definition LVDS sources

·         4 channels 1080p @120 Hz capture

·         Optionally 8 channels 1080p @ 240 Hz capture

·         10 bits per color

·         Two (optionally four) synchronized PCIe cards

·         Up to 500 continuous 1080p frames