UFG-04 LV-512 LVDS Frame Grabber


The UFG-04 LVDS is ideal for testing the input and scaler-units for flat screen TVs and monitors. The LVDS input matches the input of modern flat screen LCD and PDP monitors and replaces the actual display for testing. This flexible design allows for custom data input configurations and conversions. The UFG-04 console can be used to preview the captured content, ensure the signal integrity and control the board features.


Unigraf's mini-LVDS to LVDS converter unit MLC-1 transforms the mini-LVDS output from the timing controller to match the input of the UFG-04 LVDS. The UFG-04 LVDS frame grabber enables the capture of high resolution LVDS video with the full 30-bit color depth and 270 Mpixel/s frequencies. The 512 Mpixel on‑board, video memory enables the capture of frame-to-frame video clips, regardless of the PC bus bottlenecks. The fast internal data pipelining and buffering makes sure that the PCIe™ interface is able to efficiently transfer the image data. 

·         Captures images from High Definition LVDS video

·         135 MHz Dual FPD-Link Receiver

·         270 MPix/s maximum

·         Full 30 bits per pixel color depth

·         Compact half size PCI card

·         High speed PCI-express bus

·         512 MPixels on-board capture buffer

·         Sustained PCI bus data transfer speed up to 140 MBytes/s