UFG-04 HDMA-512 Frame Grabber


The UFG-04 HDMA is the hardware platform for a powerful test suit in testing HDMI Source devices. UFG-04 HDMA functions by merging the advanced features in the board and FPGA firmware with the functionalities in the UFG Console GUI or the software API in UFG-04 SDK. The features help verify or debug the performance of an HDMI Source, in addition to troubleshoot Sink/Source interoperability issues.

The UFG-04 HDMA test frame grabber board can capture HDMI 1.3 audio and video with the full 12-bits per color component and resolution up to VESA 1920x1200@60 (RB) and Full HD 1080p60. The on-board frame buffer allows a capture of up to 1000 frame-to-frame video clips regardless of the PC bus bottlenecks. For instance, this unique feature enables the detailed analysis of how the Source renders fast moving video sequences.

The UFG-04 HDMA grants the user full access to the HDMI link status, infoframes and other metadata. By using the UFG Console GUI or custom software paired with UFG-04 API, the user is able to understand the behavior of the Source. The user can also authenticate the captured images frame-to-frame, pixel-to-pixel and bit-to-bit. This is possible by using test images such as, random noise patterns with the compare function of the UFG-04 console to reveal issues that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. 

Host Interface PCI Express 1 lane
DVI Input 1 DVI-D
HDMI Input 1 HDMI Type A, Silicon Image SiI 9135 Receiver
DVI Input Formats CEA 861-E up to 1080p/60Hz
VESA DMT/CVT to 1920x1200 60Hz
HDMI Input Formats HDMI 1.3 supports Deep Color
CEA 861-E up to 1080p/60Hz
VESA DMT/CVT to 1920x1200 60Hz
Audio Input Capture audio to a file (up to 8 channels)
Input Bandwidth 225MHz maximum TMDS clock
Color Space RGB or YCbCr
Video Processing  
Capture No loss frame capturing up to 500 frames
Capture Pixel Depth 18, 24, 30 or 36 bits per pixel
OS Support Windows XP
  Windows 7 32-bit
  Windows 7 64-bit
Onboard Memory 2 GB of memory
HDCP Compatible using supplied license key and HDCP Compliant monitor for preview
SDK Supplied
Software Interface Custom C / C++ library with full functions to configure board and capture video and audio
Console Software Supplied, available Power Tools upgrade available for EDID editing and data logging
Size 107mm x 168mm
Power Consumption 7.5 W max; 3.3V: 1.7 W max
Warranty 1-year warranty