UFG-04 DP-512 Frame Grabber


The DisplayPort Reference Sink combined with the UFG-04 DP Board is an optimum solution for testing DisplayPort Source devices. This product includes the full set of requirements outlined in the DisplayPort specification and supports all required display modes.


UFG-04 DP is compatible with a number of software solutions such as:


·         DP Link Layer, HDCP and Audio CTS tools

·         DP Sink Console for link level testing of DP sources

·         UFG-04 Console GUI for analyzing the output of DP Source Devices

·         UFG0-4 SDK software API for implementing automated testing of DP sources

The UFG-04 DP Frame Grabber enables the capture of full resolution DP image content with up to 12-bits per color depth and resolution up to WQXGA (2560 x 1600). The 2GB on the board frame buffer enables the capture of hundreds of no-drop video clips regardless of the PC bus bottlenecks.

Host Interface PCI Express 1 lane
DisplayPort Input 1 Standard DisplayPort Input
DisplayPort Input Formats CEA 861-E up to 1080p/60Hz
VESA DMT/CVT to 2560x1600 (RB) 60Hz
Audio Input Capture audio to a file (up to 8 LPCM channels at 192k)
24 bits or multi-channel compressed (AC3, DTS,etc.) complient with IEC60958/IEC61937
Input Bandwidth 10.8 Gbps with 4 lanes
Color Space RGB or YUV
Video Processing  
Capture No loss frame capturing up to 500 frames
Capture Pixel Depth 18, 24, 30 bits per pixel
OS Support Windows XP
  Windows 7 32-bit
  Windows 7 64-bit
CTS Link Layer Testing Optional software available for CTS LL testing
Onboard Memory 2 GB of memory
HDCP Compatible using supplied license key and HDCP Compliant monitor for preview
SDK Supplied
Software Interface Custom C / C++ library with full functions to configure board and capture video and audio
Console Software Supplied, available Power Tools upgrade available for EDID editing and data logging
Size 107mm x 168mm
Power Consumption 7.5 W max; 3.3V: 1.7 W max
Warranty 1-year warranty