DisplayPort Inrush current test fixture


Inrush Current Test Fixture

Tests Inrush current for Source and Sink devices.  Supports all DisplayPort connector types.  Powered by USB, no external power supply needed.  The “power provider” and “power consumer” circuits match those found in the DisplayPort PHY Compliance Test Specification version 1.1a.  Easy to use:  Press “Sink” switch to test a Sink and “Source” to test a Source.  Current can be monitored using a differential voltage probe across the on-board 0.050 Ohm sense resistor or measured directly with a current probe.  Connections include headers, current probe loop and SMA types.  The fixture includes a self-test feature useful for setting up an oscilloscope prior to making measurements.  Access to AUX and CONFIG signals provided for additional test configurations.  A 1 meter USB A to mini B cable is included.

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