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2 Axis Translational Simulator
2 Axis Rate Table
Ambient Light Simulation Chamber
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2-Axis Translational Platform


The 2-Axis Translational Platform has been designed to automate touch screen and MEMS sensor testing.

Modular design enables use of multiple fixtures. Fixtures include a static 2-actuator module (C2BT-4002-R1); static 10-actuator module (C10BT-4002-R1); 3rd rotational axis, which enables a single axis rotational table or a 3-axis linear pinch/zoom/rotate actuator module.

Touch fixtures enable automated touch screen testing via pneumatic actuated “fingers”, which allow for multiple gestures and accurate touch positioning. Physical design allows it to be compatible with all touch screen technologies.

Rotation table fixture enables MEMS sensor testing via automated translation and rotation.


2-Axis Rate Table


Cinder’s 2-Axis Rate Table is a portable bench-top position/rate table designed for consumer electronic motion sensor validation. Utilizing continuous motion for the x and z axes and our versatile interface package with real-time and test-design modes, the CRT-2SR-M1 represents an ideal option for any development efforts involving motion sensors.


Ambient Light Simulation Chamber – Mini


The ALSC-21-M-15 Ambient Light Chamber is a test apparatus with thousands of ultra-bright white LEDs, allowing a multi-directional wash of light over a device under test. The system can be expanded to include near infrared wavelengths. The chamber is interfaced with a host system via Ethernet.
Light can be varied from very dim (5-10 lux) to daylight (80,000 lux). This allows testing the practical range of intensities reportable by embedded ambient light sensors in common consumer electronics.