HDCP 2.2 on MHL Software


This software license is required to perform HDCP 2.2 test on MHL interfaces.  One license supports both M3X (MHL 3) and M2X (MHL 2) hardware.

To test HDCP on an MHL device, you will need an SL-8800, an M2X or M3X Hardware Interface, and this license.

Question: Will this work with my current SL-8800?

Answer:  If your SL-8800 has HDCP 2.2 license, yes.  Once you have installed the upgraded software for your existing SL-8800, any MHL hardware unit will work with it. 

Question:  Does this price include the software?

Answer: No, because the software is keyed to the SL-8800 base unit, the software and hardware are sold separately.  This is to accommodate users who wish to have multiple units with capability to run MHL testing but do not need dedicated hardware on all of those units.