HDCP 2.2 Test Tool

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pdf SimplayLabs_SL-8800_Product Brief_Rev6.pdf (615.7 KB)
pdf SL-8800 HDCP 2.2 & HDCP 1.X User Guide.pdf (2.0 MB)

The SL-8800 is designed for testing whether or not a Source/Sink/Repeater device is compliant with the latest High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) specification. The SL-8800 features a flexible design that supports multiple interface standards. The initial product release supports the latest versions of HDMI. Support for other HD interface standards will be released at a later date.

SL-8800 Product Brief

PC Interface 1 USB connection
HDMI Ports 4 HDMI ports, used in different configurations for testing Source, Sink, and Repeater devices
Memory Slot 2 CompactFlash for system upgrades
  HDCP 1.4 (coming soon)
  HDMI 2.0 (coming soon)
MHL (adapter required) MHL 3
  MHL 2 (coming soon)
OS Support Windows 7 64-bit
Software Upgrades Accomplished by reprogramming CF modules
Functionality Advanced debugging mode:
  • Time stamping of events
  • Modify timing parameters
  • View and print DDC messages
  • Raw view of DDC messages
  Detailed test log
Required connections USB standard A-B cable (provided)
HDMI cables (2 provided)
Power 100-200V; 50-60Hz; power adaptor (provided)
Size (cm) 40.6 x 24.13 x 8.89
Weight 3.7kg
Warranty 1-year warranty



Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the SL-8800:

Q - Can I purchase the SL-8800 by Purchase Order rather than on-line?

A - Yes!  To request a quote or to submit a PO, please contact the Vprime Sales Department.  You will receive a quote with
      the necessary bank information and a copy of our SL-8800 Fulfillment Letter which will need to be completed prior
      to shipping.

Q - What are the payment terms for purchase of the SL-8800?

A - The SL-8800 is sold as Cash in Advance only.

Q - Do I have to be a Licensed Adopter of HDCP to purchase the SL-8800?

A - No, the SL-8800 is available to any interested party.

Q - How are shipping and handling charges assessed for purchase of the SL-8800?

A - Shipment of the SL-8800 (or any combined shipment which includes an SL-8800) must ship using your account.  As
      such, you can pick the carrier and the type of service that you wish.  The only requirement we set is that the product must
      be either insured by your account with the carrier, or you must state that you wish to self-insure as part of the SL-8800
      Fulfillment Letter

Q - How are customs charges handled?

A - All duties, taxes, and fees are the responsibility of the recipient, and Vprime will select these options when creating
      the shipment with your carrier.

Q - What if I have other questions not addressed here?

A - Please contact the Vprime Sales Department for any other questions.